1. I feel like a phony.

    I haven’t posted my latest Sims escapades in far too long, and it isn’t because I haven’t played, because believe me I would never go a day without playing, but I am just far too lazy to be blogging about this shit. I need to get a life… 

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  3. Today

    I spent the entire day moving all the vacant lots from each pre-made neighborhood into the house bin, then made the ultimate neighborhood with all of these houses, called Newport. I didn’t get the chance to start any families in it yet, but I will after during Big Brother tonight. 

    Log: approximately 5 hours, give or take

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  4. I love it when

    my parents are gone so I can play The Sims 2 all I want without them nagging me about getting a job, though more money for more sims would be nice…

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  5. Strangetown

    Ophelia Nigmos grew up from a teenager to an adult, and invited Johnny Smith and Ripp Grunt to her party. Once she grew up, she got a job in the Athletic Career and went to her first day of work. 

    While Ophelia was at work, Olive died from old age and left her fortune to a son that was taken away from her by a social worker named Nervous Subject, not Ophelia. However, Ophelia stayed at the house and asked Johnny to move in, they got engaged, and got married in front of his parents. Later that night, they tried for baby and got pregnant, woohoo.

    Log: 1 hour and 15 minutes

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  6. Strangetown

    After receiving his inheritance from Olive, Nervous Subject finally got the courage to move out of Circe and Loki Beaker’s home, his abusive roommates who used him as a test subject to their experiments. He moved into a small house, got a job, and adopted a small dog named Dakota.

    Log: 30 minutes

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  7. Top Cheat Codes

    boolprop testingcheatsenabled true/false (does virtually everything)

    motherlode (gives 50,000 simoleons)

    kaching (gives 1,000 simoleons)

    moveobjects on/off (allows/disallows the movement of any object or sim)

    setHour 1-23 (customizes time (1:00am-11:00pm))

    aging on/off (turns aging on/off)

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